Application for Home-DIY Farmer, Hydroponic System
※※ OPCOM Farm Smart Life App modes for GrowCube (OFG011F) and GrowWall (OFG003F) will be introduced to the market in 2023 ※※ ※※ OPCOM Farm SDK solution for large expandable farms, with the Smart Life App for custom designs, will be available on the market in 2023 ※※

OPCOM Farm USA Hydroponics Farm Education material -STEM book


Farm for Fun

The Hydroponics in home is not popular Yet and ,Not easy than green house with Full environment control, OPCOM invest
this market for several years, 
The key for future population we think may “Get fun” into people life,
There are 5 directions from OPCOM:
1.Space saving……to limited space in home
2.Easy setup……with D.I.Y Package.
3.Easy operation…just press button to Auto grow
4.Affordable………your budget
5.Sharing Green life…Eaisly.
And then , That we can start life to farm for fun


About OPCOM Farm

OPCOM Farm design concept is base on modularization, we delevopled complete 3 major Hydroponics techonology with NFT in Grow Wall, DFT in GrowBox GrowCube and Aeroponics in Grow tank into 3 products family ,from Single Farm , Pallet Farm up to Container Farm to wide spread from home to large farm with free expandable.Grow Wall, Box, Cube and Tank are complete Hydroponics solution with easy D.I.Y set up to for Home, School, commercial space.





Green Wall
Green Wall
Green in every view, health follows through.
$ 999
Grow Box
Grow Box
Amidst dreams of verdant splendor, home reflect deep green tenor.
$ 799
Green Cube
Green Cube
A cube, a stack, mini space, green impact.
$ Contact Us
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