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About Indoor Farm

OPCOM Indoor Farm series provides you a great option to grow the vegetables at home. The whole growing process is under your control. Get rid of bad air and pesticide vegetable.

Grow Box 2
Grow Box 2
59 pots
$ 699
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Grow Wall 3
Grow Wall 3
180 pots
$ 999
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Grow Tank
Grow Tank
4 vines
$ 699
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Tabletop Hydroponic Grow Box
Tabletop Hydroponic Grow Box
50 pots
$ 699
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Grow Wall
Grow Wall
75 pots
$ 899
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Farm Products


This series of products (GrowWall3, GrowBox2, GrowTank) is mainly for growing, decorating for a house, or indoor. It brings a green world to your indoor, meanwhile provides a better air quality.

Let's growing edible plants, herbs, and flowers for indoor farming together!

Why Gardening?

● Keep you active
● Plant crops to fit your changing needs
● Cross-generational interaction
● Improve your mind and immune system
● In-home therapeutic environment
● Healthy and clean produce

Why hydroponic?

● A natural environment to reduces stress and provide relaxation
● Hydroponics is water-saving
● Easy to harvest
● Achievable sense of accomplishment


This series of products(GrowBox, GrowWall) are mainly for education and research. All systems are perfect for STEM labs and classrooms. Depending on your space and plant variety, OPCOM hydroponic systems offer different systems to meet your needs.

Using OPCOM hydroponic systems,
GrowBox can grow vine plants and leafy greens. 
GrowWall series with vertical space-saving design can be placed in a lab, classroom, or aisle. They both are mainly for growing strawberry and leafy green. Cube provides a better growing environment with auto climate control, water cooling, and heating systems.

Farm Education Solution

● Fresh and Health Vegetable
● STEM Curriculum
● Green Environment
● Students can experience planting to harvest


This series (AI GrowWall R) is for mass production and commercial purpose. By using the hydroponic to serve the freshest veggies to customers.


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