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Green Wall

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Green Wall
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Green Wall

OPCOM Farm Green Wall with past 12 years market experienced, we special advanced in this 2025 version to win best user experienced as possible:

Double-sided planting, 4-layer planting frame, two rows spaced on each layer, can plant 144 pots.


NFT technology:

NFT(Nutrient Film Technology) type hydroponic technology.

Three minutes setup:

The innovative D.l.Y lifting type screw-free installation takes only 3 minutes to set up.

Wide Supports, fully concealed:

Wide supports tube for better fixation, wires  and tube are hidden inside the support for a neat appearance.

Drainage hard pipe with swing lock design:

Each layer is designed with water-draining hard air pipes to air bubble and prevent water leakage.

Low noise dual circulation fan:

It has low noise, better distributes fresh oxygen, helps plants absorb carbon dioxide, accelerates growth, and produces negative ions to improve the surrounding air quality.

Water tank with roller:

The water tank has built-in rollers, making it easy to move for cleaning and water changes. 

Easy planting height including stand:

The 167cm height wall design is suitable for purple plants and family planting operations. It contains a stand and can be independently erected on the ground. 

Full spectrum high brightness plant lights:

Full spectrum brightening plant light tube with white/red/UV/infrared LEDs, suitable for more types of plants.

Simple L/G mode plant lamp:  

Three preset mode switches (L/G/OFF), L mode is for leafy vegetables, G mode is for seedlings, micro greens, herbs, sprouts, comprehensive plant care!

 Easy plug-in lamp holder:

The lamp is designed with a switch and waterproof socket for easy maintenance!

Patented adjustable lamp design:

The light tubes can be set height and angle to meet the plants, and the patented rotating design can move the light heat air away from the plants to avoid affecting plant growth.

Wifi APP smart Life cloud functions:

Settings and remote control can be completed through buttons on the device or mobile APP. 

The App can customize automatic wake-up time and sleep time settings. Smart farm options:

Smart life APP can control the green wall from the cloud. You can also install a wifi camera and a three-in-one temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration meter for environmental control, and instantly establish your own smart farm settings.

lSunrise / Sunset time setup:                                                                                                                                  

Customizable time setting, provides aesthetic indoor lighting at dawn, at dusk, or at any time you prefer, or auto wakeup time and sleeping time settings.
lLight therapy:                                                                                                                                                          
Heartwarming light designed with plants to bring you energy and joy, and can serves as a phototherapy treatment to ease your depression.

D.l.Y full package: 

Includes EC/pH testing for water quality management.  Optional 6-month free hydroponic material package. Start your farming fun today!







Model Number



AC100-240V  130W

Daily Energy Consumption








1.16 – 2.3Kwh

Plating Capacity


Fan power consumption


Pump power consumption


Control Box

3 function keys LED/Fan/Pump

Growlight switch

2 modes switch  L(Leafy)/ G(Young Plant)

Grow light



> 200umol/m²·s @15cm

Light bar lift


Water Tank Capacity


Products Dimension


Lift up (80x120x167cm)  

Go down(80x120x90cm)

Carton Dimension


102cmx 20cm x90cm

Products Weight

62.81 lb./28.5Kg

Carton Weight

66.12 lb./30Kg

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