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We are pleased to announce that OPCOM Inc. and IMED Technology Inc. have established a joint company named OPCOM Medical Inc (OMI). OMI will focus on delivering the best class of single use medical endoscopy products covered with comprehensive customer service. We look forward to creating the great future. We will join in Greentech Online Sept 28-30, 2021, pls find us at https://www.greentech.nl/live-and-online/OPCOMFarm OPCOM Farm 2022 new products GrowCube with stackable and high cost performance srackable design with USD198/26pots, can grow both DFT Hydro or soil plants, also can fit 500mm larger Aquarium tank to make vertical Farm, Garden and Aquarium is possible build in limited space with maximum green life OPCOM Farm best seller GrowWall 3 will announce 2022 version thru GrowWall 3C, with 30% brightness, full spectrum, water Filter each Layer and new pump filter system , water tube/cable channel and Magnetic height adjustment design, to let enduser win much excellent experienced from set up to growing. Indoor Garden familes Microgreen Ball, MicroGreen Dome , Green Light, Green Sky Ball and Green Frame will start to propmotion from September and ready for sales from Q4 2021


● About OPCOM Garden


Smog and air pollution already influent to people’s living condition,Covid19 is warning us we need to change,OPCOM Garden delivery micro landscape in high oxygen with Negative lon green forest plants into the home to protect people’s airway and green environment to enjoy gardening in home, school, office and Commercial place.

We design Auto grow mode with best light wave , humidity and air cycling condition for high Oxygen generation and slow growing plants like as Moss, Ferns, Succulents, and Aquarium plant to home, with table top and sky garden design. 

Thru Microgreen Ball /Dome /Sky garden and Grow light tree family lines to bring forest into home with affordable and easily..

● Major suggestion plants

Who brought the first breath of fresh and clean air to earth's atmosphere 400 million years ago? Who brought oxygen and supported the rise of animals and humans?…< more >
It is generally believed that ferns like to be living in warm and very humid places, more rain the better. In fact, there are 12,000 species of ferns, not only will the shape be different but also each species is resistant to cold and drought.…< more >
Modern people are busy with life and want to plant flowers and plants, to relieve stress in our daily lives, but have little time and limited open space. As a result, the trend of "office gardening" and "home gardening" has blossomed. Succulent plants like cacti are the most attractive, easy to plant and suitable for potted gardening.…< more >
Modern people spend about 80% to 90% of their time indoors every day. While we care about outdoor air pollution, indoor air quality cannot be ignored. The main sources of indoor air pollution include dust, carbon dioxide, and organic volatiles. How to reduce indoor pollution sources? According to the EPA, in addition to enhancing ventilation and using air purifiers, planting indoor plants is the most natural option.…< more >





Sky Garden Light
Sky Garden Light
Auto grow light ball 12W for Succulent/ Aquarium and Mini Plants
10"/25 cm Terrarium Ball
$ 99
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Microgreens Ball
Microgreens Ball
Auto wet air grow for Moss/Ferns and Succulent/ Aquarium
10" /25 cm glass terrarium ball planting zone
$ 119
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Microgreens Dome
Microgreens Dome
Auto mist. air grow for Moss/Ferns and Succulent/ Aquarium 12 ", (H)*9 " (D)/30cm(H)*23cm(D) Oval glass terrarium dome
$ 199
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O2 Garden
O2 Garden
A desktop garden with lamp
19 (L)* 5.5 (W)* 17.7(H) inch /48(L) x 14(W) x 45(H) cm
$ 159
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Auto Grow Light Tree
Auto Grow Light Tree
Auto Grow Light Tree 12W for Succulent/ Aquarium and Mini Plants
Light cover 60 degree range of 20(D)*22(H) inch / 50(D)*56(H)cm
$ 59
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Additional Auto Grow Light Lamp 12W
Additional Auto Grow Light Lamp 12W
12W LED 5A of custom Mode/Spectrum/Brightness/Direction
Light cover 60 degree range of 20"(D)*22"(H) /50cm(D)*56cm(H)
$ 49
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