※※ OPCOM Farm Smart Life App modes for GrowCube (OFG011F) and GrowWall (OFG003F) will be introduced to the market in 2023 ※※ ※※ OPCOM Farm SDK solution for large expandable farms, with the Smart Life App for custom designs, will be available on the market in 2023 ※※

OPCOM Farm USA Hydroponics Farm Education material -STEM book


About OPCOM Farm

OPCOM is a Taiwan-based company with almost 30 years manufacturing since 1993, serving with global brand customers and Mass retial store, OPCOM factory with vertical integration line   from Wafer /LED package in class 10 clean room to CNC/Mold tooling /injection SMT up to final assembly complete line with Medical and Farm 2 industrials. 

Our engineer team with Hardware/Firmware/Software and Mechanical engineer team have developed many innovation technology with patent into this industrial for example 
    Decay free save your replacement overhead and Offer Constant light for planting
    Full spectrum simulation of Sunlight,
    Adjustable Color waves to meet different plants.,
    Adjustable height of the LED light tto save power up to 50%.,
    OPCOM link cloud App serve complete plating Environment control.

We design such unique fucntion into OPCOM Garden and OPCOM Farm , Large Farm 3 products line as below:

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