Application for Mass Production-Interactive Cloud Farm, Hydroponic System
AI Indoor HydroFarm Factory
HydroFarm AI Indoor Factory
HydroFarm AI Indoor Factory
Baby Leafy
NFT Hydroponics
172.8m² /82944 plants

About Container

OPCOM Containers has an advanced collection system for hydroponic growth technology that delivers high throughput and unmanned operation. Intelligent design provides the perfect solution for plant seedlings, planting and final harvesting.

Unmanned clean room factory design prevents external germ contamination. Through the OPCOM cloud control system, the synchronous monitoring system and data storage are realized, that is, the lighting/air conditioning/nutrient solution system control adjustment is automatically performed locally and remotely.

A high-speed growing wave camera that is self-developed and patented to capture every detail of plant growth. Integrating OPCOM's unique long wave, the plant growth rate is increased by 20%.

In the global leading position with patented design, up to 11 advanced intelligent AI (11A) smart containers developed independently. The investment you make will receive the highest return value.

It will provide you with high-quality seedlings, leafy vegetables, strawberry planting containers and hydroponic greenhouses at the most competitive cost.

The OPCOM high-yield container of AI intelligent control system will take you Entering a new generation of high-tech agriculture and achieving great success.


11A Advantage Smart Container

1. AIO All-In-One Container
2. AEC Auto Environment Control
3. AHC Auto LED Height Control
4. APC Auto Power Control
5. ARC Auto Run Control
6. ABS Auto Backup System
7. ACB Auto Cloud Backup
8. ASG Auto Stimulated Growth
9. ADA Auto Device Addition
10. APF Auto Protect Function
11. AHT All Hydroponics Techniques Supported


OPCOM HydroFarmTent


OPCOM Hydroponic Container    

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