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Grow Wall 3C
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Grow Wall 3C
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Grow Wall 3C
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● Two side display with 4 layers, can hold 144 pots. 
● A complete system for hydroponics.
● Smart control box and remote control with buttons for Power/ Auto / LED/ Pump, easy to manage.
● Bundles with EC/pH sensor for water quality management.
● Comes with a free 6-month hydroponics material pack.

Grow Wall 3C features:
1. Additional pump filter and filtering sponges, easier maintenance.
2. Pipes and wires are now hidden in the racket, presenting a neat look.
3. 167cm design , enabling easier access.
4. New design for the dual circulation fan with low noise, better performance for sending out fresh air, and aiding plants' growth:
         ● Acts as a fresh air generating system, with the circulation fan exchanging the CO₂ with the newly generated O₂ and negative ions from the plants, improving the surrounding air quality. 

 5. Each growth light has switches for 4 settings (L/G/S/OFF):
        ●  30% brighter Full-Spectrum lights 
        ●  With White/ Red/ UV/ IR LEDs for more types of plants.
        ● LEDs with adjustable heights can be set according to the plant's current height, 
        ● Achieving more efficiency and save more power.

6. Settings and control can be done with buttons on the device or a remote controller:
        ● Auto wakeup time and sleeping time settings, Customizable time setting provides aesthetic indoor lighting at dawn, at dusk, or at any time you prefer.

7. Heartwarming light designed with plants to bring you energy and joy, and can serves as a phototherapy treatment to ease your depression.



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