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Grow Box

2021 Golden Version

Grow 50 Healthy Greens - High Capacity and High Yield Rate 
Up to 50 leafy greens and 25 big leafy plants. Start the healthy lifestyle immediately and grow the table top garden even at home.

Compactable and Open Frame Vine Design - Retractable Box with Vine Stands 
For over 3ft tall or vining plants. Possible to grow plants like lettuce,spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and hot pepper ect.

Advanced DFT Hydroponics System - Deep Flow Technique 
Recirculates the nutrient-rich water and the plants are in depth of approximately 4 cm high nutrient solution.

Height and Angle Adjustable Growth Light - LED lights could be adjusted in different angles and heights
To match plants' growing stage, stimulate varying sunlight intensities for efficient growth. 
And the standardLED bulb  A60 PAR38 is easy to replace and assembly.

Energy Efficient Smart Control - Support efficient light and water circulation 
Day/Night light could be set to match with the sunrise and sunset to saves energy.



Office Lobby Home School
Grow faster than outdoors Cheerful indoor Enjoy Harvest

About GrowBox

OPCOM Grow Box is an all-in-one hydroponic growing system for indoor gardening and farm all year round. Easy to grow with an one touch AUTO mode and featuring a table-top design, the GrowBox can help to grow clean and healthy produce in the comfort at home.
It is efficient just using 90% less water than conventional outdoor gardening. The High-intensity LED grow lights creates sunlight-simulating full color spectrum that help plants thrive and ensuring the most efficient growth. GrowBox featuring the automated control system that manages lighting and water circulation.
It is an ideal equipment for many settings , including the home, classroom and hospital.
The Grow Box comes fully equipped with seeds pack, pH management, Nourishment and a measuring device so people could begin growing immediately. 
Vegetables Herbs Climbing plants



LED Up / Down

Sunlight simulating LED grow lights height and angle adjustable for efficient growth

Retractable and open frame design to accommodate plants over 3 feet tall

Multi Growth
Accommodate plants over 3 feet tall for vine plants,  leafy on the basement, plus seedling area

50 / 25 Greens
Upto 50pcs baby leafy or 25pcs big size leafy

Smart Auto Grow
Automatic Day/Night light source control system saves energy
Can set to match with sunrise and sunset

Cloud Box Optional
Optional OPCOM Cloud box for cloud control and data management

LED bulb Replaceable
Standard A60 PAR38 LED bulb easy to replace and assembly

DFT Hydroponics
OPCOM Deep Film Technique is suitable to grow leafy and vine



Model No. OFG001
Power AC 100-120V / 200-240V
Daily Power
AUTO 0.9
ON 1.8
HI 1.2
LOW 0.6
Range 0.6 -1.8
Plant Capacity (Max.) 50 pcs
Grow Light L18Bx4 pcs, 18W, E26 screw
mount lamps, PAR38
Air pump 1W
Climbing Tubes Height Ø1 inch Tube/
1m Height (4 pcs)
Body Dimensions

Min. Height : 41.4 x 28 x 23 in
1052 x 710 x 585 mm

Max. Height : 41 x 28 x 42 in
1052 x 710 x 1065 mm
(with climbing tubes)

Package Dimensions
1130 x 750 x 300 mm
44.49 x 29.53 x 11.81 inch
Body Weight (lb./kg) 40.6 lb/18.4kg
Package Weight (lb./kg) 60 lb. /27.36 kg
Water Capacity (gallon/L) 3.9 Gallon/15 L


Planting Size


Planting Material

1.2“ Sponge


Planting Layout



Grow Kit and Accessories

1.Seedling Kit :
Grow Sponge 2 x 60pk
(OASS001 For Green Lettuce)
Grow Sponge 2 x 60pk
(OASS002 For Red Leaf Lettuce)

Grow Sponge 2 x 60pk
(OASS006 For Brasil)

Grow Sponge 4 x 60pk
2. Nourishment :
Salt#1  250ml x1


3. pH Adjuster :
pH+ Soda#1   50ml x1 pH- Lemon#1  50ml x1
4. Sprout Kit :
Sprout sponge x12pcs Sprout Cover x1pc
5. EC & pH test paper x 1pc
EC meter(OAEE009)
6. 18W(L18B) LED Light x 4pcs (OAEE02A)
7. Seed Moisturizing Cover x 6 pcs
8. Water Spray x 1 pcs
9. Remote controller x1pc


Seed Solution

Lettuce / Boston Lettuce / Red Lettuce / Romaine Letuce /
Green Coral Lettuce / Radicchio / Oakleaf Lettuce / Frisee /
Red Batavia Lettuce / Green Batavia Lettuce / Lollo Rosso Lettuce / Coral Lettuce / Loollo Rosa / Lettuce Green Oakleaf / Lettuce Red Oakleaf / Lettuce Red Oakleaf / Brassica Chinensis / Paitsai (Michell) / Brassica Juncea (L.) / Mizuna Mustard / Red Mizuna Mustard / Red Amaranthus / Chrysanthemum Coronarium L. / Spinach Salad /
Red sorrel /Endive / Kales / Komatsuna / Arugula / Amaranthus
Perilla Frutescens / Coriandrum Sativum L / Whorled Pennywort / Sweet Fennel / Rosemary / Sage / Basil / Mint / Lemon Balm / Dill / Chives / Thyme / Oregano / Parsley /
Cucumber / Red okra / Jalapeno Pepper / Sweet Pepper / Hot Pepper / Cherry Tomato
Alfalfa Sprout / Soybean Sprout / Mungbean Sprout / Chia Seeds / Pea Sedlings / Radish Sprouts / Buckwheat Seedling / Sugarbeet Sprout / Wheatgrass


Unboxing1 Unboxing2

Planting Solution

Planting Solution Sprout Kit


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