Grow Wall 3
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Grow Wall 3
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Grow Wall 3

2021 Golden Version

1. Double times water flow, high growth yeild rate.
2. High capacity, compactable size design.
3. Easy assembly, easy control, easy replacement.
4. Push pull metal connector solid cable connection.
GROW UP TO 180 GREENS - Farm all year round with this high capacity indoor growing system. With 180 plating holes, fill it up with baby leafy veggies or 90
big plants (only plant up to the recommended amount for efficient plant growth)
ALL-IN-ONE HYDROPONICS GROWING SYSTEM - With OPCOM’s advanced NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) hydroponics technology, constantly giving nutrients
to your plants require through pumping fertilized water along the grow tray.
BIO-AIR REFRESHER - Circulating fresh air for the mind and the body. Keep the air fresh indoors and create a sense of relaxation and calmness for people
around. With AHC control W+R adjustable LED smart lights to accommodate the best light efficiency for your plants.
SMART GROW - Day/Night light source control system. Energy saving timer function, that manages light and water cycles efficiently. Minimal maintenance
grower and can be set to match the sunrise and the sunset.
MADE EXPANDABLE - Grow even more greens and expand multiple Grow Wall units. Use the OPCOM link cable to connect them side-by-side and start your
professional hydroponics farm today! Optional bundle OPCOM cloud box for cloud control and data management.


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About GrowWall3

OPCOM GrowWall3 is an all-in-one hydroponics growing system designed for indoor farming all year round. It uses Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). has 175 planting holes and can grow efficiently.

LED Light up down adjust against plants height with best light efficiency, any location in the home. Due to the Free up LED Height Control, LED Light Power saving 57%, and also user can base different

layer plants growth status to do adjustment LED height separately. The 12 Gallon double water tank is high capacity and can be used for over 2 weeks. Also, the tank can be replaced with fish tank for Aquaponics.

The GrowWall3 comes with OPCOM Smart Box, a smart multi-function control system which can synchronize every single unit. High-intensity LED lights create sunlight stimulating full color spectrum,

auto LED height adjustment to meet plants different growth stage requirement. Auto LED color adjustable to helps plants thrive and ensures the most efficient growth. OPCOM Smart Box features automated

system that manages lighting and water circulation, making growing a breeze. It is ideal for many environments such as homes, offices, restaurants, classrooms and hospitals.

Expandable side-by-side system design to allow linking, making a great green wall for professional hydroponics or commercial green wall purposes.



Lighting Tube Adjustable 
LED Light tube can be adjusted according to the height of the plant with to achieve best light efficiency. Power saving up to 50%.

Expandable design, can be place side by side and linked together.

W+R Adjustable
Smart LED adjustable, can according to different plants and different status to adjustment White and Red light.

180 Greens
High capacity can grow 180pcs baby leafy / 90pcs big plants.

Auto Growing
“Auto” mode that manages light and water cycles efficiently, while using only 1.15KWh daily.

Cloud Box Optional
Optional bundle OPCOM cloud box for cloud control and data management..

Remote Control
IR wireless remote control for Auto Growing.

NFT Hydroponics
OPCOM advanced NFT hydroponics technology.



Model No. OFG003-3
Power DC24/ 6A
Daily Power
AUTO 1.15
Planting capacity 36 Plants x 5 Layer
35.6” x 3.9” x 5 Layer
Grow Light Leafy RED/White LED 18Wx5 Layer
Young Plant white LED 9W x 5Layer
Pump 12W
Body Dimensions
Package Dimensions


Body Weight (lb./kg) 55.1Lb./25Kg(w/o water)
154Lb./70Kg(w/I water)
Package Weight (lb./kg) 63.9Lb./29Kg
Water Capacity (gallon/L) 12Gallon/45L


Planting Size


Planting Material

1.2“ Sponge


Planting Layout





Grow Kit and Accessories

1.Seedling Kit :
Seedling tray(ST-70) x 2pcs
Grow Sponge 2 x 60pk
(OASS001 For Green Lettuce)
Grow Sponge 2 x 60pk
(OASS002 For Red Leaf Lettuce)
Grow Sponge 2 x 60pk
(OASS006 For Basil)
Grow Sponge 4 x 60pk  
2. Nourishment :
NT-Starter x 3pcs
(OANT006 for 40L)
NT-Adjuster x 15pcs
(OANT008 for 40L)
3. pH Adjuster :
pH+ x15pcs pH- x15pcs
4. EC & pH test paper x 1pc
EC meter(OAEE009)
5. Planting Tray
6. Remote control x 1pc
7. Seed Moisturizing Cover x 3pcs
8. Watering Can x 1pc
9. Waterproof tape x 1pc
10. Cleaning sponges x 1pc


Seed Solution

Lettuce / Boston Lettuce / Red Lettuce / Romaine Letuce /
Green Coral Lettuce / Radicchio / Oakleaf Lettuce / Frisee /
Red Batavia Lettuce / Green Batavia Lettuce / Lollo Rosso Lettuce / Coral Lettuce / Loollo Rosa / Lettuce Green Oakleaf / Lettuce Red Oakleaf / Brassica Chinensis / Paitsai (Michell) / Brassica Juncea (L.) / Mizuna Mustard / Red Mizuna Mustard / Red Amaranthus / Chrysanthemum Coronarium L. / Spinach Salad / Red sorrel /Endive / Kales / Komatsuna / Arugula / Amaranthus
Perilla Frutescens / Coriandrum Sativum L / Whorled Pennywort / Sweet Fennel / Rosemary / Sage / Basil / Mint / Lemon Balm / Dill / Chives / Thyme / Oregano / Parsley /





Planting Solution

Planting Solution Sprout Kit
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