AI Green Frame

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Hydroponic Grow System - at Home DIY Landscape Design - High-Capacity Indoor Grower – All Year Around


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AI Green Frame
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AI Green Frame


Countertop and wall mountable automated indoor gardening system
Soil-free hydroponic technology
33 plant sites
Have fresh herbs and vegetables available in the kitchen
Hang in living room as living art and beautify your home
95% water recycling
About Green Frame 

GreenFrame's versatile design allows it to be placed on a tabletop or hung vertically on a wall as a garden decoration. The GreenFrame can simply use standard 2.” pot, with 20 planting sites, a solution for both hydroponic plants and soil plants.


GreenFrame's Patented design with an air fan makes it as a Bio-Air Refresher, purifying the air with oxygen generation while adding a touch of class to any room.


GreenFrame comes with an easy control Auto Growing system. It’s a pioneer in hydroponic system and is at an affordable price to meet anyone’s budget, making the perfect gift for a health conscious friend and family.


The GreenFrame features a versatile design, that can be placed on a tabletop or hung vertically on the wall as a decorationHaving fresh herbs and vegetables handy in the kitchen is no longer a dream. GreenFrame can also be hung in the living room and beautify the home with its living art

It will launch in Q2 2020.






       Intelligent Light Control
                  Auto-sensing day/night light control system saves energy and can be configured to match sunrise and sunset.
       Retractable fill light
                  4 sets of 12W retractable LED lighting devices (2 standard) to meet the lighting needs of different plants in all locations within the product.
       Dual Watering System
                Wet and dry auto dosing system that can be set according to different water cycle times to meet the needs of wet and dry planting.
       O2 Bar
                  Herbs, ferns, flowers and succulents can to help absorb heavy metals,
                  PM2.5 and CO2 in the air; produces oxygen and negative ions to thoroughly purify the air.
                  Large, slim wooden frame that can be spread side-by-side for large planting products.
       Insect-proof planting net bag design
                  Simply de-pot 3 to 5" pots and place them in a mesh bag, then place the layout in an easy-to-use design
                  to grow moss, succulents or miniature plants.



  Model No. OFG002-2
  Power AC 100-240V
  Daily Power Consumption (KWh) MAX 15W
  Planting capacity 3inch potted flowers X 25
  LED 15W X 2
  Body Dimension 700 X 520 mm
  Water Capacity 3L
Plants Solution
  Indoor Garden plants recommendation

  Planting size(Max)
Anti-Air pollution  Plants


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