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O2 Garden Mist

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O2 Garden Mist
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O2 Garden Mist
User experience




2021 Golden Version

1.Easy water fill in.
2.Malti Function Grow-Moss, Succelent, Fern.
3.Phototherapy Function.

Show off your floral talents





Smart Light
The automatic Day/Night light source control system saves energy, and can be set to match with sunrise and sunset.

Various Gardening designs (optional)
Choose from OPCOM a variety of landscape designs, planting kits, including Fleshy Plants, Moss, Ferns, and Herbs. Great as a hobbyists’ DIY craft or as a designer piece for a professional designer.

Spectrum switch
It is a functional reading light, and it can also be set to the ideal spectrum for moss, fern, flowers, and succulents.

Phototherapy function
Can change color temperature like sunrise used in hospital for Psychiatry doctor specially when winter time, patients can enjoy the sunrise and also fresh air at same time.

Table Forest
The entire garden area is equivalent to the oxygen production of three trees!

O2 Bar
Built-in oxygen circulation fan, working with moss, ferns, flowers, fleshy plants helps to absorb heavy metal pollution in the air, PM2.5 and CO2; and produce oxygen and negative ions, thoroughly purifying the air.

Auto and Reading Light Switch
2 step brightness for growing the plants and reading. .

Freely Adjustable Lamp Arm
Patent design rotary light has 360° adjustability to provide the best lighting angle for your reading.

DFT+ Aero
Deep hydroponic (DFT) + Aeroponics system, suitable for nurturing the growth of flowers and bryophytes.


Model No.



DC12V / 1A

Daily Power Consumption (KWh)





Reading minus


Planting capacity

Dot matrix holes x 21pcs    

L13.38” * W 4.17”

Growth Light /
Reading /Reading minus

9W / 6W /4W



Body Dimensions

L18.8” x W5.5” x H17.7
(490mm x 140mm x 450mm)

Package Dimensions

L20.9” x W7.24
(532mm x 184mm x 204mm)

Body Weight (Lb./kg)

4.4Lb. / 2Kg (W/O Water)
6.6Lb / 3Kg  (W/I  Water)

Package Weight (Lb./kg)

7.7Lb./ 3.5 Kg

Water Capacity

0.26 Gallon / 1L



1.Water level gauge x1pc
2. Planting tray & cloth x2pcs (OAMS008)
3. Planting tray cloth x2pcs (OANS018)
4. Absorbent Cloth x15pcs (OANS020)
5. Cleaning Sponge x1pc (OANS031)
6. Water spray bottle x1pc
7. Bug Away 0.6g x3pcs (OANT013)
8. AC Adapter
9. Landscape Package x1pc
10. Mist generator x2pcs (OAEE005)
11.Mist genrator cotton x12pcs (OANS030)

Planting size (Max)

Plants recommendation

Trans-Planting Moss
Big grey moss / Oba moss / White hair moss / Countless moss / Big blonde moss
Cactus / Jade butterfly / Ruby / Peach / Ji Eva lotus
Boston fern / Adiantum / The Wolf tail fern / Rhynia /Nephrolepis Exaltata
Seedling Herbs
Basil / Lemon Balm / Oregano / Mint / Perilla Frutescens
Trans-Planting Moss
Big grey moss / Oba moss / White hair moss / Countless moss / Big blonde moss
Wheatgrass (100mm) / Alfalfa Sprout / Radish Sprouts / Pea Seedlings / Buckwheat Seedling

Anti-Air pollution Plants

Formaldehyde Clean
Rainbow Tree / Chlorophyturn / Lucky Bamboo / Chrysanthemum / Snake Plant
Trans-Planting Succulent
Ite Bunny Ears / Golden barrel / Motteled Spurge / Tuk's Cap Cactus / Gold Ball Cactus
Carbon dioxide & Formaldehyde Clean
Dot Plant / Wax Plant / Dragon Tree / Barberton Daisy / Dragon Trees
Xylene Clean
Dumbcane / Tuberous Sword Fem / Flame Lily / Evergreen / Pteris Cretica
Carbon Monoxide Clean
Ivy / Peace Lilies / Parlour Palm / Aloe / Spial-Leaved Croton
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