COVID-19 is the damage of the century. Isolation at home and in hospital makes people lose energy and go crazy!
OPCOM Farm is a 27-year professional medical grade 10 clean room manufacturing factory. We are committed to the development of medical equipment and smart agricultural products. Among the series of green @ heart smart indoor hydroponic garden, O2 gardens are newly introduced and for a lung raising project for this tense period:


1. Indoor oxygen generated whole year around:
Dr. Zhong Nanshan, a Chinese anti- COVID-19 expert, encourages growing indoor plants to use natural air to support our lungs. Chemical ways like sterilization bring us health concerns; mechanical ways like air conditioning, such as air purifiers, can only filter PM2.5, and not completely filter the virus smaller than the cell PM0.1, at the same time the dry air conditioning also makes the respiratory tract sensitive, weakens body, lowers immunity. In densely populated metropolises and smog cities, the proportion of respiratory infections and lung adenocarcinoma has increased significantly, and the situation is serious.
Moss, succulents, and ferns are high aerobic plants that made the atmosphere 400 million years ago on the earth. The amount of oxygen generated is equal to 30 times the leaf area. These plants grow very slowly, and have light, water, humidifier and electricity controlled by O2 garden, which is equal to the oxygen generating capacity of three trees. No need for daily care, you can go for any business trip or travel without worries. It is the best lazy machine. You only need to add water once every 1 or 2 weeks for four-in-one and once every 1 or 2 months for three-in-one.


2. 24-hour nourishing heart and lungs:
To fight against COVID-19, OPCOM Farm recommends O2 garden, 4-in-1 as circulation fan, humidifier, plant lamp and water supply. It is the only one open-air, automatic growing equipment for moss on the market, and it is also an automatic intelligent table lamp. When you put it on the table, you can see that the mist and fog, together with the oxygen flowing out, which are equivalent to the oxygen production of three trees, which can balance the humidity of the air. It not only maintains your respiratory tract, but also soothes your heart. How healed
It is not only a high-quality reading lamp, but also provides high-quality oxygen to the eyes and brain when we are reading. At present, O2 gardens have been used to alleviate the mood of patients with depression in hospitals, and to comfort people who have been isolated at home because of COVID-19. Seeing the growth of plants every day, you can design your own micro-landscape garden with the gift of micro-landscape accessories. How positive healing partner O2 gardens.
Succulents release O2 in the dark, and are suitable for bedrooms and darkrooms; moss and herbs release O2 in the bright places, and are suitable for living rooms and offices. It shows how thoughtful the boss is for his employees when O2 gardens offered by the company are placed on the desk in the office.


3. Full-function intelligent design:
There are two models of O2 garden.
The 4-in-1 OFG006G4 can be used to grow wet and dry plants. It has automatic switch for plant and reading lights, mini circulation fans, mobile sinks and ultra-fine water molecular humidifier and foggers. The design of the low colonization tray is used to store fog and moisture, and can automatically grow wet plants like moss and ferngrow dry plants, such as succulents and herbs when closing the humidifier. This is a full-function model.
The 3-in-1 OFG006GS without humidifier is equipped automatic switch for plant and reading light, mini circulation fan and mobile sink. The design of the high colonization plate is used to increase the water storage capacity of the sink. It is suitable for succulents and herbs. It is a special price model [?] exclusively for those who love succulents and herbs.


4. Filial Piety Project:
The average death age of COVID-19 is over 60 years old, because weaker parents and the elder have weak immunity, not to mention the concentration of urban population and poor air quality. Dry air from air conditioners makes the respiratory tract sensitive. Even air purifiers can only filter PM2.5 and not viruses less than PM 0.1.
OPCOM O2 garden is a one-button automatic planting smart lamp. At present, a lung raising project is launched for parents, family and office. It is the sweetest choice for taking care of parents, family and colleagues.Hurry and get O2 garden during the special sale. Soilless and no dirty hands cultivationone-click automatic growthIt is pragmatic and immediately effective to improve partial air , once placed on the desk and on the office table. It’s better to act rather than think about it. Please visit our website for anti COVID-19:

https://www.opcomfarm.com/newproduct.php?Item=7&id=323  [OFG006GS$149]

https://www.opcomfarm.com/newproduct.php?Item=7&id=238  [OFG006G$199]


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