What factors affect fruits’ or vegetables’ price in Japan


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Day length

    Believe it or not, sunlight, shorter or longer day length is important to fruits and vegetables.  Also they affect the price of fruits and vegetables.  According to scientific research, confirmed that the day length is the length of the dark periods.  The dark periods may be used to modify day length of plants and plants' response, and leading them to bloom outside their normal season.

    If fruits or vegetable have longer day length, theirs price may be decrease.  Such as in winter, the prices of the fruits or vegetables always aren’t good.  Most plants do not grow when day length is less than 10 hours.  Even if the temperature is kept within the optimum range, most plants will just sit dormant until the magic 10 hours of light per day arrives.

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Disease and pests

Disease and pest damage may destroy a crop.  News about Japan, Pests and disease are major problems for farmers, and tea farmers are no exception.  Anthracnose attacks the tea leaves only, causing brown scars.  This fungal infection happens all over Japan, although the island of Kyushu has the most outbreaks. 



The weather is the important factor to affect the plants and the bugs which send pollen to other plants.  In fact, one of the first pieces of evidence for the effect of climate change on living things was the discovery that plants are flowering earlier and earlier each year.  The biggest concern is that plants and their pollinators might respond differently to climate change, leading to a mismatch that could significantly affect plant reproduction.  For instance, in Japan the flowering of the plant Corydalis ambigua has advanced faster than the emergence of its bumblebee pollinators, resulting in a mismatch that reduces seed production in years with an early spring. Such mismatches could have a major impact on certain crop plants.


Nuclear Radiation

Based on weather conditions and the wind, nuclear radiation can contaminate the atmosphere, making it dangerous for humans, animals and plants.  With the 2011 nuclear plant disaster in Japan, nuclear radiation’s effect on vegetation has become a major public concern. When a nuclear power plant releases radiation, many foods and edible plants can absorb radioactive particles, which can be toxic to humans.


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    It is important that GrowPods has automatically control temperature cooling / heating with built-in air conditioning, people may plant fruits and vegetables any time, no matter what the weather is.


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    GrowPods are multi-function hydroponics growing environment systems designed for any plants indoor farming all year round.  It includes 4 layers of DFT & NFT hydroponics solutions (GrowBox2 stack) for vegetables, vine growing with the GrowTank and flower growing with the GrowWall2. All products can be controlled by OPCOM Smart Box, a smart multi-function control system which can synchronize every single unit. Precise Air conditioning can automatically create cool/hot environments for plants to grow.  

    High-intensity LED lights create simulated sunlight with full color spectrum that helps plants thrive and ensures the most efficient growth.  OPCOM Smart Box features an automated system that manages lighting and water circulation, making growing a breeze.

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