OPCOM Proposal



OPCOM indoor hydroponic system in green restaurant

Competitive Cost

Following the enhancement of solar energy and solar battery, the cost for developing the related equipment and accessories are cheaper and cheaper. Therefore, it is a chance for developing hardware of hydroponics like LED light and other accessories.

Cooperative Purpose

OPCOM dedicates to create a better life in the hydroponic way. Begin from the partnership with the green restaurant to provide with delicious, nutritious, and non-toxic food.
Indoor hydroponics can enhance the air quality in the kitchen and the restaurant.
Therefore, OPCOM seeks a strategic partner to build a green wall, and then, create a healthy environment for the staff and the customers.

OPCOM Green Wall Features

Flexible and unlimited Lego-Like solution
Ready-to-go independent system
Immediate set up for each stack bundled
Auto water cycling system and easy to maintain
Maximum growing capacity
Optional auto dosing/UV purify/air flow/water cooling & heating, and cloud-farm system

OPCOM GrowBox2 Sales Pattern

Green Wall Solution

Free assembly: pile one above another with special designed locking system to become a green wall.

Lego-Like Solution

Like Lego, you can assemble any size in any space
Meet table and furniture size with full allocation
Private Hydroponics Farm—anyone can assemble own farm in their different space easily!!


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