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OPCOM Farmer for dandelions by Tyler


OPCOM Farmer for dandelions by Tyler

My mom and I purchased the wall garden as a way to produce the cleanest organic dandelions.  My mom was recently diagnosed with a rare form of Melanoma and her nutritionist recommended she add dandelions leaves to her diet.  Being that we can’t just go to the store and buy organic dandelion leaves from a trusted source.  We decided to try out one of these wall gardens.

For the price and the limited space it uses, it was the perfect choice for us. I have done different types of hydroponic systems in the past and this system is really easy to use and setup.  It took me all of 20 minutes to get it put together and setup in the basement. Recently we just started a new batch of dandelions and every single pod has at least one dandelion growing.  My mom sends me pictures all the time and really enjoys the whole process start to finish.  

This system has given my mom and I something to enjoy together.  Even my dad likes the system; he thinks it looks like something you would see on a spaceship that’s on a deep space mission.  All in all I highly recommend this wall garden it has improved not only my mother’s dietary needs, but has provided a mutual hobby that we can both bond together with. 




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