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NFT Pallet AI Farm WIFI
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NFT Pallet AI Farm WIFI
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NFT Pallet AI Farm WIFI
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● Integrated and Fully Assemblied NFT Pallet Farm for Leafy and easy toconnect water/electric for green house.
●  5-layer Vertical Planting Capacity upto 720 Lettuce.
●  Auto Grow Mode L/G/S, to preset Fan, Pump and Light to  match different plants' best stage.
●  Adjustable LED Light through Lift Motor according to the plants' height.
●  Full Spectrum and Dimmable of Blue white , Red, UV and IR.
●  Wire Free Track Connection Design, easy to replace and expandable.
●  Way Control by hard key, remote controller and mobile APP.
● Optional 24/7 Wi-Fi App AI control with temperature/humidity environment sensor for instant control of plants.
















Lettuce / Boston Lettuce / Red Lettuce / Romaine Letuce /

Green Coral Lettuce / Radicchio / Oakleaf Lettuce / Frisee /

Red Batavia Lettuce / Green Batavia Lettuce / Lollo Rosso Lettuce / Coral Lettuce / Loollo Rosa / Lettuce Green Oakleaf / Lettuce Red Oakleaf / Green Coral Lettuce / Brassica Chinensis / Paitsai (Michell) / Brassica Juncea (L.) / Mizuna Mustard / Red Mizuna Mustard / Red Amaranthus / Chrysanthemum Coronarium L. / Spinach Salad / Red sorrel /Endive / Kales / Komatsuna / Arugula / Amaranthus



Perilla Frutescens / Coriandrum Sativum L / Whorled Pennywort / Sweet Fennel / Rosemary / Sage / Basil / Mint / Lemon Balm / Dill / Chives / Thyme / Oregano / Parsley



Alfalfa Sprout / Soybean Sprout / Mungbean Sprout / Chia Seeds / Pea Sedlings / Radish Sprouts / Buckwheat Seedling / Sugarbeet Sprout / Wheatgrass





Model Number OFP003
Power AC100-240V
Daily Energy Consumption Auto 9.4Kwh
ON 18.7Kwh
HI 12.5Kwh
LOW 7.1Kwh
Range 7.1-18.7Kwh
Plating Capacity 720pots
Lift Motor consumption 24W x2个
Fan power consumption 10.8W x 3
Pump power consumption 24W
Control Box/Remote controller 4 function keys
Power/ Auto / LED/ Pump 
Growlight switch 3 modes tact switch G(Young Plant)/ F(Leafy)/ OFF
Growlight  35Wx20pcs
PPFD  >200umol/m²·s @9cm
Lifting Height 12 cm
Water Tank Capacity 58.1Gallon220 L
Products Dimension 61“x45.3"x81.1"
Carton Dimension 61“x45.3"x82.7"
Products Weight 264 lb./120Kg
Carton Weight 286 lb./130Kg


LED Spectrum


Product Size


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