Application for Mass Production-Interactive Cloud Farm, Hydroponic System
※※ OPCOM Farm Smart life App Modes of GrowCube(OFG011F) and GrowWall(OFG003F) will introduce to market at 2023.※※ ※※ OPCOM Farm SDK solution for large farm with Smart life App for own design Expandable farm will in market in 2023.※※ ※※ We will join in Greentech Online Sept 28-30, 2021, pls find us at https://www.greentech.nl/live-and-online/OPCOMFarm.※※

OPCOM Container

OPCOM Containers has an advanced collection system for hydroponic growth technology that delivers high throughput and unmanned operation. And the intelligent design provides the perfect solution from plant seedlings, planting to final harvesting.


OPCOM Container is equiped the Advanced Hydroponic Technology, to support the High Yield and Unmanned Operation for Widely Various Plants, providing the perfect complete solution through the Intelligent Design for Seedlings, Planting till the Harvesting.

Through the OPCOM Cloud and APP, it is realized the Synchronous Monitoring and Data Sharing, the light, air conditioning and nutrient solution control and settings to be performed Locally and Remotely as well as Automatically, and the Unmanned Clean Room fitted to prevent the external germ contamination.

It is also integrated Full Spectrum LED, which is OPCOM developed specially for plant growth, the light including Red, Blue, Ultraviolet and Infrared, with the unique Auto Spectrum Control; it could facilitate plants to obtain the requiring spectrum at different growing stages and reach the increasing of 20% growth rate.

OPCOM have the global leading patented system design for containers independent development, up to 11 Advanced Intelligent (11A), and make the Highest Return on Investment obtainable.

The AI Container Farm provide the high-quality Seedling, Leafy and Clone for the planting at the Most Competitive Cost.

OPCOM Container will help clients quickly to enter the new generation of High-Tech Agriculture and achieve the great success.

11A Advantage Smart Container

1. AIO All-In-One Container
2. AEC Auto Environment Control
3. AHC Auto LED Height Control
4. APC Auto Power Control
5. ARC Auto Run Control
6. ABS Auto Backup System
7. ACB Auto Cloud Backup
8. ASG Auto Stimulated Growth
9. ADA Auto Device Addition
10. APF Auto Protect Function
11. AHT All Hydroponics Techniques Supported

Planting Pallet Container
Planting Pallet Container
OFC408P 40ft
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Seedling Pallet Container
Seedling Pallet Container
OFC209 20ft
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OFC Pallet Container 1+10pk
OFC Pallet Container 1+10pk
Monthly: 34560pcs ; yield 92%
Nutrition consumption: 7.5T
OFC 1+10pk
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Sunshine Container
Sunshine Container
OFC406 40ft
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OPCOM Hydroponic Container Video




OPCOM Hydroponic Container

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