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Grow Wall AI-Garden (Preorder)
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Grow Wall AI-Garden (Preorder)

Planting package (reference photo, click image enlarge)

About Grow Wall AI-Garden

The Grow Wall AI-Garden ultra slim design has surrounding lights as well as two hidden spot lights covers all plants in the frame. Opcom’s patented design featuring Oxygen circulating, automatic growing system makes it as a Biological-Air Refresher, freshening the air with oxygen generation and pollutant filtration while adding a touch of class to any room.

The Grow Wall AI-Garden has an intelligent system with auto watering refill also a water temperature detection sensor that will heat up or cool down the water depending on weather conditions. The Grow Wall AI-Garden's LED lighting system has automatic adjustment to simulate day and night lighting conditions.

The smart preset watering time control delivers moisture to the front and back of the unit, through the built-in rain drip pipes, humidifying the plants on the front side, and any roots on back. Dot matrix planting holes with cover design to flexibly plant Moss, Ferns, Microgreens, Herbs, and Succulents easily. You can even design your own art garden in frame, using OPCOM’s 3D Plating Material, you can grow plants in any desired shape, even design your logo frame for the front Lobby.

The Grow Wall-AI Garden design features a deluxe design, modern slim metal frame and smart control system. Decorate your home, office, restaurant, store, exercise room, or any room you select. Start refreshing the air and enjoying a green garden.




        Auto Watering    
                   Auto detect water level and water recharge system without worry free water condition.
        Water Tempe. Manager
                   Auto detect water temperature condition, change the water heater or cooler. No need worry atrocious weather condition.
        Smart Light
                   The automatic Day/Night light source control system saves energy, and can be set to match with sunrise and sunset.
        Hidden Compensating Lighting
                   2pcs of 7W hidden extendable compensating LED lighting design to meet the requirements for different plants in all position within the frame.
        Dual Watering System
                   Water dripping system from both front /back, adjusted for different water cycle time settings to match both dry and wet planting requirements.
        O2 Bar
                   Built-in oxygen circulation fan, working with moss, ferns, flowers, fleshy plants helps to absorb heavy metal pollution in the air, PM2.5 and CO2;
                   and produce oxygen and negative ions, thoroughly purifying the air.
        Indoor Forest
                   The compact garden area is equivalent to the oxygen production of 108 trees
                   Ultra-thin and with modern straight edges, can be expanded side by side for a large display.
        Dot Matrix Planting Holes
                   Dot Matrix planting hole design, and with 3D Plating material, you can grow Moss, succulents, or microgreens with your own design.
        Micro Landscapes
                   Choose from Opcom a variety of landscape designs, planting kits, including Fleshy Plants, Moss, Ferns, and Herbs.
                   Great as a hobbyists’ DIY craft or as a designer piece for a professional designer.



Model No.




DC12V / 10A


Daily Power Consumption (KWh)








Planting capacity

Dot matrix holes*1500 pcs

29.5”x 23.6x3panel


Growth Light


R: 660nm 19W

W: 6000K 38W


Compensation Light

6000K, 7W*2pcs


Cycling Pump




1W * 2pcs


Body Dimensions


L31.5”x W7.87”xH86.6”

(800mm x 200mm x 2200mm)


Package Dimensions(in/mm)

31.5” x 9.53” x 37.4”

(800mm x242mm x 950mm)


Body Weight (lb./kg)

22lb./10kg( w/o water)

88lb./ 40kg( w/I water)


Package Weight (lb./kg)



Water Capacity(Gallon/L)

7.92 Gallon/30 L

Plants Solution
  Indoor Garden plants recommendation
    Trans-Planting               Moss

  Seedling   Herbs  
  Planting size(Max)
Anti-Air pollution  Plants
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