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(OFG002G for Garden)

Grow Easy Indoor Garden
Kitchen Garden

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About GrowFrame

The OPCOM Farm GrowFrame is an all-in-one hydroponic growing system designed for the consumer who seeks maximum value. The GrowFrame’s versatile design allows it to be placed on a kitchen surface or hung vertically on a wall as a garden decoration. The GrowFrame can grow a large variety of plants. Simply using standard 2.5” pot, from vegetables to flowering plants. GrowFrame provides 20 planting sites, 50% more than other table top systems, which average 16 planting sites.

The GrowFrame built-in fan makes it as a Bio-Air Refresher, purifying the air and generating oxygen ,while adding a touch of class to any room. It has an affordable price to meet anyone’s budget. It makes the perfect gift for a health conscious friend and family.


Versatile compact size design for table top & hanging on wall.
Green Hydroponics Farm for Microgreen.
Green Hydroponic herb garden and succulents plants.
Growth both hydroponic plants, soil plants and used as vase for flower setting.
O2 generator with PM2.4/CO2 air refresh fan.
Mist humidifier with negativeion.
Free expandable system with side bye side layout.
Free installation
Dot Matrix 1” grow panel (5*4)- 20 planting sites that fit 1” seedling sponge, also 1” plug grow parts to easy own garden.
Includes 16” *19” grow tower/ sponge  to grow micro green, sprout, moss directly  lowing your to easily design own garden.
Optional Grow Kit provides you an wonderful hydroponic experience.
FCC, CE , PSE acquired.
OPCOM has acquired patents. For further information on OPCOM's patents and licenses, please contact us.


Model No.:OFG002G

Power :AC 100V / 240V+/-10%

Daily Power Consumption (kW):Young Plant-0.35/Growth-0.35/Succlent-0.35/ON-0.6/HI-0.4/LOW-0.2/Range-0.2~0.6

Planting capacity:2”pot 20pcs

Growth Light :20W, 1 ft. Deep Red-White

Cycling Motor:1W

Fan:0.8 W

Body Dimensions(in/mm):19.4* 42*26.5in/493x106 662mm

Package Dimensions(in/mm):21.6*63.7*305 inch / 550*162*775 mm

Body Weight (lb./kg):8.8 lb. / 4.0 kg

Water Capacity(gallon/L):0.7 Gallon/ 2.5 L

Planting Manual
Change Motor Video
Change Led Video
Change Control Box Video




Grow with OPCOM Farm

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