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Meet Outdoor Gardening Indoor
O2 Garden ‧ Succulent
O2 Garden ‧ Succulent
$ 149
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O2 Garden
O2 Garden
$ 199
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Grow Dome Garden (Preorder)
Grow Dome Garden (Preorder)
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$ 249
Micro Grow Dome Garden
Micro Grow Dome Garden
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Grow Wall AI-Garden (Customized Design)
Grow Wall AI-Garden (Customized Design)
$ 1490

1.Anywhere of Indoor

The OPCOM indoor garden family brings the outdoor green world into your house or office.

2. Auto-Grow Intelligent design

People can travel around without concern because the OPCOM indoor garden takes care of the plants by using a smart Auto-Grow system with professional auto grow light and water refill system.

3. O2 generator

The OPCOM indoor garden is the best choice for interior design and converting toxic air to O2 for air circulation. They are suitable for any place including the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and lobby.

4. Flexible options

People also can easily transfer soil plants to the hydroponic system.

Why an Indoor Garden

The OPCOM Indoor Garden Family is created with several unique patented designs into the O2-Garden, Grow Dome Garden, Grow Frame Garden and the Grow Wall Garden. Our innovatively designed products automatically create a clean-air solution by bringing into your home a green garden made up of Moss, Ferns, Microgreens, Herbs, and Succulents…All grown with the highest autonomy and self-maintenance provided by our smart system.

1.Anywhere Indoors

The OPCOM indoor garden family is most complete solution to bring the natural green outdoors world into anywhere inside your home, office, school, hospital, restaurant and stores…..

O2 Garden : A small garden right on the dining table or a relaxing table lamp.

Grow Dome Garden : Can be hung up as an ornament, put on the table as a center piece, or displayed as a floor stand.

Grow Frame Garden : A great wall décor, or as a counter top display art, and can even be a display extended side by side through multiple garden frames.

Grow Wall Garden : A vertical planting platform that can expand by placing multiple units side by side, and it’s a truly welcoming as an entry display with nature as the central theme.

2. Air-refreshing Garden :

OPCOM Indoor Garden is design with a smart hydroponics system, an intelligent design that grows naturally that includes adjustable metered LED lighting and preset watering schedules to meet the demands of various wet to dry garden plants indoors. From Moss, Ferns, Microgreens, Herbs to Succulents. They absorb and transform toxic air into natural O2 and create negative Ions to refresh the air and balance the humidity in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, lobby, kitchen, office, classroom, hospital rooms, health centers…and public enclosures, especially beneficial for the home and office in a modern city full of chemicals and air pollution.

Seeing green, breathing fresh oxygen, feeling a more balanced humidity on your skin, and bringing a healthier indoor environment in all aspects of your life! These are the best health gifts to your best friends, and close family members.

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