All In One Nursery Container

120,000 Seedlings/cycle  (by hydroponics)

90,000 Seedlings/cycle (by soil)

Fulfill 6,000m2 greenhouse

Auto picking system

Reserved 128 AI switch connectors to control your current greenhouse if needed

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All In One Nursery Container
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All In One Nursery Container

8A AI Functions:


Frendly User Interface:



  1. 1. 40ft closed environment container design for mass production.
  2. 2. Customized App to fulfill wide variety crops.
  3. 3. Bundled with central control 10” touch screen CCU operates every grow machine simultaneously.
  4. 4. OPCOM Advanced patent design 8A technology. (AIO, AEC, ABC , ARC, ABS, ACB, ASG, APF).
  5. 5. Smart OPCOM Link App automatically handles full growing condition with interactive control:
    1. 5.1 Smart light mode controls different parameter of full color spectrum lighting.
    2. 5.2 Smart Air mode interacts based on In/Outside thermometer / hygrometer to maintain best condition inside container.
    3. 5.3 Smart water feeding system to keep best water condition by schedule or pH/EC meter  with Tri- liquid auto feeding system (a fertilizer liquid, A /B/C pH+ /pH liquid)
  1. 6. High Capacity with 120,000 seedlings per cycle, better than others container.
  2. 7. Special Photocatalysis-coat design to stop algae growing on the machine, which can keep the water pipes clean and help plants grow better.
  3. 8. OPCOM cloud data analysis, thru algorithm exactly control plants each stage grow data to give plants good care.


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