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Grow Wall

● High capacity 4ft wide green wall  5 layers for 75 pots. ; 5.3 ft easy pick height, advanced NFT hydroponics high water flow, increasing the production rate ; comes with a free 6-month hydroponics material pack
● Full spectrum LED light tube with White, UV, Red and IR waves.
● Both Smart box /Remote control for Power/ Auto Setting/ LED/ Pump
● Heartwarming light brings peace of mind   
● Bundles with EC/pH sensor for water quality management.


•  Delivery Time: 7 days
   Due to the COVID pandemic, the delivery could be affected delay. We will try the best to make the shipment delivery as earlier as possible.
• Delivery: By UPS
• Payment: Credit Card, PayPal
• Available in USA/Canada only

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Grow Wall
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Grow Wall
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● A high capacity farm for 75 plants on a 4ft wide green wall.
● Growth space increased by 20%, plants can prosper even better.
● High capacity with a compact size.
● The doubled water flow increases the growing speed.
● Easy to assemble, easy to control, easy to replace.
● The push-pull metal connector provides solid cable connections.
● Vertical hydroponics farm saves water.
● Patented 4ft growth light tubes with adjustable height and angle, optimized for the most efficient growth.
● Smart control box and remote control with buttons for Power/ Auto Setting/ LED/ Pump, easy to manage.
● 5 levels to display greeneries, bring living and breathing art into your home, office, or store. 
● Heartwarming light designed with plants to bring you energy and joy, and can serves as a phototherapy treatment to ease your depression.     
● Bundles with EC/pH sensor for water quality management.
● Comes with a free 6-month hydroponics material pack, start your farming fun today!



Model Number OFG003
Power AC100V-240V
Daily Energy Consumption Auto 1.9Kwh
ON 3.7Kwh
HI 2.4Kwh
LOW 1.2Kwh
Range 1.2 – 3.7Kwh
Plating Capacity 75pots
Pump power consumption 12W
Control Box 4 function keys Power/Auto/LED/Pump 
Grow light 30Wx 5pcs,1.2m
PPFD >150umol/m²·s
Noise ≤42dB @ 1m
Water Tank Capacity 11.9 Gallon/45L
Products Dimension 47.2”x13.11"x 64" /
120cm * 33.3cm* 163cm
Carton Dimension 49.2”x13.8“x240”
Products Weight  46.7 lb./21.2Kg
Carton Weight 66.87 lb./30.3Kg

LED Spectrum


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