Benefits of Hydroponics in the Office – Clean Air !


I own a medium sized business, and I bought a GrowWall for our lunch area, as an opportunity to feature a farm-to-table element. A lot of our employees are concerned with healthy eating and the chef has been purchasing produce from the local farmer’s market. As a company we are making a statement about being environmentally sustainable, and I always look for opportunities to incorporate this  in how we do business, but without a big increase in cost. 


When I saw the story on this product in a tech blog I follow, it looked like a great new invention and so I checked out the website OPCOM®’s videos featured a couple of restaurants, and I got the idea to try one in our cafeteria. Our chef used the online video guide to set it up, and told me it was easy. He then planted the seeds that came in the starter pack, and after just a week we could see them growing, which was exciting. 


Now there are five thick rows of lettuce, and the GrowWall is getting lots of attention from the employees!  The chef is starting to harvest a couple each day for lunch, and he is planning to try different varietals for each row for the next harvest. He has already mentioned that he would like one or two more, and that they can all be connected to one control box so it’s very easy to run all of them. 


I think that the greenery is already contributing nicely to the environment and my employees are mentioning they can sense the increased oxygen! I’m planning to place one more in the cafeteria to be in easy reach for the chef, and one by the front desk to give a nice, natural and fresh ambience. It’s a great invention, and very much with the times of supporting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle!

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