COVID-19 emerged in China causes severe globally infections. People can only stay at home to avoid getting infected. Because the vaccine has not yet been developed until now, the fundamental way to fight against the virus is to boost our body resistance. Note that people who have low resistance such as the elderly and children are more susceptible to be infected.


At present, most people live in cities. They suffer from smog and get cross-infection easily in view of dense population. In fact, most of air purifiers can only filter PM2.5 and not viruses below PM0.1; air conditioners make the air even drier, which weakens respiratory tracts and lesions occur. The problem is that the real natural fresh air has not been produced.


OPCOM Farm indoor garden and hydroponic systems can be installed in any interior space such as the table, the floor or the wall. This system can not only absorb CO2formaldehydeetherpolluted air, etc., produce O2 and negative ions, but also adjust humidity and highly improve quality of air as well. This good quality air protects our respiratory tract and strengthens immunity. That is, green indoor environment is the key to rejuvenate lungs vitality and to prevent from infection.


O2 Garden lamps launched by OPCOM Farm in 2020 equip a one-button smart circulation fan, a humidifier, a lamp with dimming function designed specifically for growing plants, and an automatic switch to reading lamp. This is the best table garden.


O2 Garden Mist Moss & Micro Green OFG006G4 with humidification function can grow wet plants such as moss and ferns. This smart garden combined with light, air, water, and temperature is rare on the market. It can not only produce 30 times more O2 than leaves of the same scale, equivalent to three trees growing on a table, but also grow extremely slowly as a micro landscape product. It is really a high-quality indoor air manufacturing machine during the day.


O2 Garden Succulent & Micro Green OFG006GS for medium-dry plants can grow succulents and micro greens like herbs. Succulents are famous for its high oxygen-producing capacity. They grow slowly and are easy to maintain. Because they release oxygen at night, it is suitable for bedrooms or dark environments.


O2 Garden lamps are very useful. I put one OFG006G4 at desk for my parents and kids and strengthen their lungs while reading. I put one in my office and strengthen my lungs at work. I give one to my dear boss and friends who smokes and strengthen their lungs. At night, I put one OFG006GS in my bedroom and strengthen my lungs during sleep. The whole family can boost lungs 24 hours a day. It is simple to boost lungs together and fight against the COVID-19.


OPCOM Farm has a series of indoor hydroponic equipment. At present, the series of O2 Garden are on sales. For more information, please visit the official website :

https://www.opcomfarm.com/newproduct.php?Item=7&id=323  [OFG006GS$159]

https://www.opcomfarm.com/newproduct.php?Item=7&id=238  [OFG006G$199]

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