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I have recently decided to introduce hydroponic gardening products into my restaurant.   I purchased the GrowWall vertical system from OPCOM® Farm. My restaurant serves local California cuisine and I normally source my herbs and vegetables from the local farmers market. My goal is to limit the human impact on the environment and to provide my customers with farm-fresh fare that is packed with nutrients and hasn’t been sprayed.


With the GrowWall, I have been growing different lettuces for my salad dishes. I’ve got 5 rows of planting areas, and grow a variety of lettuce styles. My customers love watching me pick their lettuce right off the machine, wash it, and put it on a plate.  It also allows me to have an interesting conversation with my customer and sets me apart from other restaurants in the area.


The GrowWall is pretty easy to use. It’s a vertical system with spots for 75 plants so that it doesn’t take much space on the floor. I was initially concerned about having to maintain the unit, but it’s pretty simple.  We keep the tank filled with water, put our seeds into the individual pods, and then the system automatically controls the lights and water. Occasionally, we need to check the pH and nutrition levels, and its straightforward. I can get beautiful lettuce from the machine approximately six weeks after planting.


My customers like the concept and my employees feel proud as well. I think I will purchase a couple more units in the next few months so that I can grow additional lettuce and herbs as well. I feel good that I can do something that is friendly for the environment and also good for my business and customers.

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