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Do you know how many harmful factors exist in your living environment? These hazard factors in the air, such as benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde, are damaging your respiratory system and the health of your family! Have you ever thought that the salad you eat every day is really healthy? Those vegetables are grown on the soil with a lot of pests and sprayed with a lot of unknown pesticides. Is that really healthy?


Fortunately, OPCOM provides you with a new solution to improve environmental pollution and food safety issue!


Green@Heart series products are especially suitable for smog environment polluted cities. These moss, ferns, succulents and herbs not only green your living and office environment but also purify the air, improve the quality of your life and the efficiency of work. These plants provide up to 100 trees of oxygen, purify the air, generate negative ions, regulate humidity, and help reduce respiratory diseases caused by haze and air problems. For urban people, especially for the elderly and children, provide better care.


You can use the OPCOM Home series to nurture the healthy and delicious salad for your dinner. Our products use the hydroponics system; hydroponics system has various advantages over traditional soil. With the ability to control the plant’s environment by adjusting the nutrients, pH and lighting, you can successfully grow any plant you like anywhere. The best thing is that plants grown in water cultivated at home do not need to use a lot of pesticides and away from the pests in the soil. Therefore, it is the healthiest and cleanest choice.


If you focus on the family’s health and safety of the living environment, even pursuing a better quality of life, you must not miss this opportunity. OPCOM uses technology to help you build the pastoral life and farm environment you are looking for, all your dreams can come true at once in this Black Friday! Order now, and enjoy the 15% OFF especially for you.


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