GrowBox in the Classroom

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in a nutrient rich water instead of soil like a traditional garden. With this technology, people can grow their own food, no matter what region or climate they live in. It is an amazing technology and a useful teaching tool for students in the classroom.


I recently purchased a product called GrowBox from the company OPCOM® Farm. It is a self contained hydroponic system that has room to grow 50 plants. I teach two 6th grade science classes with about 20-22 students in each class, so the size is perfect!


My students are learning in a hands-on way how to grow plants without soil, and the history and science behind hydroponics. We talk about plant parts, caring for plants, health, nutrition, sustainable living.  When the students come in to class, they head over to the GrowBox to check out how their little plant is doing.


The GrowBox is quite easy to use. We fill the water tank at the beginning of a growing cycle.  The students put their seed into their assigned growing area. The unit has LED lights on a timer that cycles on and off and recreates sunlight. And over time, we see the seeds turn into little baby plants, and the baby plants turn into big plants. It is truly amazing! It took about 2 months for the students to grow our lettuce heads.


I find that this lesson keeps my kids super engaged and excited. I would encourage other teachers to consider teaching hydroponic gardening to the students. It’s the wave of the future. Not only will the kids learn about plants, but also about their environment, sustainable living, and eating healthy. It’s so satisfying to see the kids faces light up!

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