The 10th China International Modern Agriculture Expo opened recently in Beijing. The theme of this agricultural fair is “Technology Driven, Innovative Development”, and has set up six exhibition areas, namely, Modern Agricultural Achievement Exhibition, Smart Agriculture and Precision Agriculture.

The reporter saw in the Smart Agriculture and Precision Agriculture exhibition area that Taiwan Opcom launched a new generation of intelligent technology hydroponics products. The container designed by the group has an advanced hydroponic growth technology collection system, which can guarantee high output and unmanned operation, providing intelligent solutions from plant sprouting to final harvesting products, attracting many buyers to watch.
“Taiwan Opcom has nearly 30 years of high-end manufacturing experience. Currently, the Group has the world's leading 11A patented design and advanced hydroponic growth technology, achieving a combination of automatic lighting, air exchange, watering, and quantitative control. Function.” Ding Zhiyu, Chairman of Opcom , told reporters that the mass production series products provide high-capacity planting space and can be freely expanded. The full-spectrum LED lamp simulates sunlight and automatic height adjustment patent design, LED power saving 57%, air conditioning energy saving 24 %, double the production capacity, suitable for families, restaurants and hydroponic factories to provide the public with rich and healthy fresh vegetables.

According to the reporter, the container planting series displayed by Opcom is suitable for special purposes such as nursery, ocean-going vessels, scientific research and high-standard military. “Our hydroponics products have been commercialized globally, and we are also working with the Aerospace Science and Industry Group to promote the military market. At the same time, it is also the intelligent agricultural system engineering center of the Aerospace Science and Industry Group.” Ding Zhiyu said that Opcom series products include high Production capacity intelligent container planting + outdoor hydroponic greenhouse, heart green series, indoor hydroponic planting series. The intelligent high-capacity 40-foot nursery cabinet guarantees the quality of closed clean room seedlings. Every two weeks, 100,000 seedlings are put into outdoor greenhouses, which is thousands of times of traditional seedlings. It can ensure the health and pollution of each seedling. . At the same time, we also use LORA wireless technology to fully control the smart greenhouse series. Through the cloud, we can see the parameters and planting conditions around the world, conduct big data analysis, save the manpower with the best cloud service, smart space, and provide seedlings to planting and a complete solution for harvesting.

The reporter noticed at the exhibition that Opcom also displayed indoor garden series products, which are more suitable for cities with air pollution problems such as smog and smog. The products are dominated by moss, with ferns, fleshy, vanilla and other plants, not only can Oxygen production also produces negative ions, regulates humidity, and helps reduce harmful gases in the haze.

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