Automatic home growing system Using hydroponics

GrowBox  ( VIA OPCOM® link usa)


With a lot of concern about the effects of processed foods and environmental pollution, people care more about what they eat and looking for options to secure healthy food. Many would like to grow their own food. But those who live in a city rarely don’t have enough space, or enough time, to grow vegetables. For those who try to grow outdoors, there are many concerns such as insects and soil quality. Many go the route of buying expensive organic food, but often wonder, is organic food really healthier?


OPCOM®, a leading brand of in-home hydroponic systems, has paid attention to these concerns. The company has developed two growing systems named GrowBox and GrowWall, for indoor farming with the opportunity for a sizeable harvest. People can have fresh vegetables every day. Base on a family’s living space and needs, they may choose the GrowBox with its open tabletop design and high capacity with its 50 plant sites, or GrowWall’s vertical space-saving system with a 5-tier display and an even larger production with a total of 75 plant sites.

With safe indoor growing in your own home, there are no worries about where the food comes from and what air pollution, tainted water source, pesticides or heavy-metal laden soil has affected the food we eat. To grow inside your home, you can ignore weather and climate, and no gardening experience is needed. In just a few steps, your OPCOM® Farm can start providing a crop of vegetables for the whole family, and you may feel like you own a farm in your home. You may try many types of plants in your indoor garden: Greens and other Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Medicinal Plants, Herbs, Mini Plants, Climbing Plants, and Sprouts.

In addition to producing food, having an indoor garden helps purify the air like in an ecosystem. Staying inside of one classroom, office, etc, for many hours at a time makes it important to mind the quality of our indoor air. Air pollution with harmful microparticles (so-called PM2.5) comes in from the outside, and exposure to certain toxic air pollutants increase health risks. Fortunately, OPCOM® Farm products are also perfect for garden plants (such as succulents, flowers, and indoor plants).

The units can grow several kinds of indoor plants that are specifically recommended by NASA for air purification. They can eliminate toxins from the air such as TRICHLOROETHYLENE, FORMALDEHYDE, BENZENE, XYLENE and AMMONIA; particulate matters that have been found to cause cancer. At the same time, they use excess CO2 and produce OXYGEN and NEGATIVE IONS, which are beneficial for u


Vegetables recommended by OPCOM® Farm:

Garden plants recommended by OPCOM® Farm:

OPCOM® Farm created an immediate positive response when launched in the U.S. market. The GrowBox and GrowFarm systems are only $499 and $599 respectively, which quickly pays for itself with their vegetable production!

Growbox( VIA OPCOM® link USA)

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