Is your food safety?


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Harmful germs

    Although you think that fruit and vegetables are health to eat.  Believe it or not, bacteria can get onto fruit and vegetables in several ways.  Did you know that harmful germs, like Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria, can sometimes be on fruits and vegetables?  They may be present in water used for irrigation, organic fertilisers, or droppings from birds and other animals that go into fields.


How to avoid it?

Everyone is at risk of food-borne illness from contaminated or dirty food.  There are several ways to avoid harmful germs onto fruit and vegetables.  Such as, choosing good and fresh fruit and vegetables with no bruises or no damaged spots at supermarket, wash fruit and vegetables more than 15 minutes by running water before cook or eat them at home and always wash your hand.   


But is the above true to avoid it?

It may be not!  There are still many bacteria on fruit and vegetable after wash them.  Washing before eat may rid the produce of a lot of potentially harmful bacteria, but some of these tiny critters are resistant to the shower.  Even if we are careful, fruit and vegetable washed by running water may be still outbreaks of Salmonella or E. coli in humans.  Rough surfaces, like those on cantaloupes and spinach, provide lots of nooks and crannies in which bacteria can hide out in accordance with Niemira.  Tomatoes are much smoother, though their surfaces do contain tiny pores that make homes for bacteria.


Best solution!!!!!
OPCOM hydroponics products with Reverse Osmosis Water may provide you fresh fruits and vegetable any time!!!!

Ready to eat fruit or vegetables from OPCOM hydroponics products and couldn’t wash them!

OPCOM hydroponics products may be satisfied aging society. 

OPCOM Farm provides various hydroponics products, and planting fruits and vegetables in OPCOM hydroponics products without any soil.  Therefore, the fruits and the vegetables from OPCOM Farm are clean, safety and harmless.  You also plant fruits and vegetables to the OPCOM hydroponics products by yourself, and you can obtain not only many plants but also fun from DIY the OPCOM hydroponics products.

With OPCOM Farm, we strive to deliver a stronger local food system that produces healthier plants, saves money and conserves precious resources.


The OPCOM Farm GrowBox2 is an all-in-one hydroponic growing system designed for indoor farming all year round. It uses Deep Flow Technique (DFT), has 59 planting holes and can grow efficiently.

High capacity 59 grow holes for 2.5” plants, Sponges or any 2.5” standard flower pot using the particle filter net. The GrowBox2 is designed for unlimited extension and you can stack one above another with our specially designed locking system to create a green wall. The GrowBox2 comes with OPCOM Smart Box, a smart multi-function control system which can synchronize every single unit.

High-intensity LED lighting creates simulated- sunlight, a full color spectrum that helps plants thrive, ensuring the most efficient growth. The OPCOM Smart Box features an automated system that manages lighting and air pump, making growing a breeze.

It is a good fit for many environments such as homes, offices, classrooms, and hospitals and also restaurant with unlimited expansion to fill space.

Also, it has good auto water flow system to provide fresh fruit and vegetable and no wash before eat.

Fruit and vegetables are ready to eat!!!


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