Two tomatoes or three apples a day keeps the atmospheric pollutant and smoke away

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Lung damage caused by smoking

Cigarette smoking is the dominant risk factor for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  Tobacco smoke is a toxic mix of more than 7,000 chemicals and compounds.  Nicotine (NIK-uh-TEEN), carbon monoxide (muh-NOK-side), and tars are some of these substances.  When you smoke cigarettes, many chemicals enter your body through your lungs.  Therefore, burning tobacco produces more than 7,000 chemicals.  And these chemicals and compounds reach a person's lungs quickly every time the person inhales.  The blood then carries the toxicants to every organ in the body. 

    Due to inhaled tar a smoker’s lungs appear dark and mottled, and damaged lungs from a smoker being much harder and more brittle.


Lung damage caused by atmospheric pollutant

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October, 2017, atmospheric pollutant of a research is published in the Lancet. It cost the researchers for two years to search the data of the relationship of the pollution and the health.  Pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and premature death in the world today.  Diseases caused by pollution were responsible for an estimated 9 million premature deaths in 2015.  The diseases include IHD, stroke and COPD. 

In Taiwan, there are an estimated 9.02% deaths due to atmospheric pollutant.  Therefore, at least 10 thousand people death each year caused by atmospheric pollutant.  We can’t ignore this problem.


How should we restore our lung functions?

Eating tomatoes, apples…..

Case 1


    According to a study of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School, it is found and published in the December issue, 2017 of the European Respiratory Journal, the former smoker may eat fruits, such as tomatoes and/ or apples to restore lung functions.

If the former smokers with a diet high in tomatoes and fruits especially apples, the natural decline in lung function over a 10-year period may be slower, suggesting certain components in these foods might help restore lung damage caused by smoking.

    The investigators had a test of research to more six hundred adults who live in Europe, such as Germany, Britain and Norway.  The research found that the adults who on average ate more than two tomatoes or more than three portions of fresh fruits and vegetables a day had a slower decline in lung function, compared to those who ate less than one tomato or less than one portion of fruits, respectively, on a daily basis.

Usually, the lung functions of person may decline after 30 years old, and the rate of the decline depends on healthy and constitution of each one.  Therefore, if you eat more useful diet, such as some fruits and vegetables well for people, they may restore lung damage caused by smoking or COPD, and they also may slower the rate of the decline of the lung functions from the people who don’t smoke.


Case 2


According to a study of Lead researcher Sarah Lewis, Ph.D. of University of Nottingham, the researcher Lewis, Ph.D., presented at the American Thoracic Society's 97th International Conference that eating fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and apples appears to reduce the risk of developing some types of lung disease and may even improve lung function in May, 2001.

There are important Researchers at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, studied the relationship between diet and self-reported wheeze, doctor-diagnosed asthma and lung function in 2,633 adults.  They found that eating five or more apples per week or at least three tomatoes a week were most strongly associated with increased lung function.  Eating a lot of apples and tomatoes also reduced the risk of wheezing.  Lead researcher Sarah Lewis, Ph.D., notes that it may be that any effect is due to the concerted action of all the nutrients in apples and tomatoes, especially the antioxidants that are particularly rich in the peel of apples and contribute to the coloring of tomatoes, and antioxidants may work by protecting the airways against the insult of tobacco smoke and other atmospheric pollutants.


How can we get tomatoes any time without going outside?

=> OPCOM hydroponics products


If we can get and eat fruits and vegetables any time, every day without going outside, we may avoid atmospheric pollutant and also small smoke.  The smokers eat fruits and vegetables every day without going outside, and their lung functions may be restored quickly.

OPCOM hydroponics products may be satisfied aging society. 

You can buy OPCOM hydroponics products to plants some fruits and vegetables.

OPCOM Farm provides various hydroponics products, and planting fruits and vegetables in OPCOM hydroponics products without any soil.  Therefore, the fruits and the vegetables from OPCOM Farm are clean, safety and harmless.  You also plant fruits and vegetables to the OPCOM hydroponics products by yourself, and you can obtain not only many plants but also fun from DIY the OPCOM hydroponics products.

With OPCOM Farm, we strive to deliver a stronger local food system that produces healthier plants, saves money and conserves precious resources.

It is important that you can plant fruits without going outside!  And you can eat tomatoes any time, every day!



If you want to plant tomatoes, the GrowTank is the best choice for you.

The OPCOM Farm GrowTank is specially designed for high climbing plants and fruits.  With All-in-one Aeroponics/Hydroponics hybrid technology.  Its open frame growing system designed for indoor farming all year round.  

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It uses Deep Flow Technique (DFT) for deep roots and Aeroponics technology for the roots that hang above water.  8 large 2.5 inch pot holes with an over 1 feet deep 21 gallon high capacity water tank.  Your plant roots can have a large space grow freely and efficiently.


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GrowTank is for planting tall plants, it is tall plant hydroponics product.  Opcom GrowTank may be expandable side by side system design, easily to meet professional hydroponics or commercial green wall purpose.


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