What do elderly people who live in a mountain or a country eat?


(Ubasute no tsuki (The Moon of Ubasute), by Yoshitoshi)


Young people work in city, elderly people live in the mountain or country

Japan is known as aging society with fewer children.  Due to population urbanization along with domestic migration, the number of municipalities has been reduced.  For decades, young people have been fleeing rural villages, lured by the pull of Japan’s big cities like Tokyo and Osaka.  The population concentration proceeds and now the three Major Metropolitan Areas namely Kanto (around Tokyo), Kinki (Around Kyoto, Osaka), and Chukyo (around Nagoya) contain 51 % of total population of Japan.

The children had moved to the big city, never to return.  So their parents, both over 65, live out their days in a small town in the mountains.  The population aging is different from municipality to municipality mostly due to domestic emigration of younger people to urban areas.

As shown in Figure, municipalities in urban areas have much less proportion of the aged than in rural areas.

(figure from Gene Dan's Blog)


Elderly people living alone

There are more elderly people but fewer convenience stores in mountains or countries.  Some supermarkets or food suppliers supply foods by moving supermarket for supplying elderly people called “shopping refugees”.  Shopping refugees are determined people are not to be able to go for shopping as expected seem to support.  Some supermarkets or food suppliers drive the moving supermarkets (trucks) to supply fruits, vegetables and meats for elderly people.  

(figure from Youtube: moving supermarket news)

Please refer moving supermarket news.


Although the moving supermarkets may reduce some problems, the moving supermarkets may not solve all problems.  For example, in cold seasons, logistics is also inconvenient in mountains or countries.  When Ice or snow cover to the mountains or countries, it is impossible that elderly people go outside to buy foods. 

In order to solve this problem, the government of Japan plans for providing some groceries to elderly people by drone delivery.  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pledged to draw up necessary measures for the drone delivery program within the next three years. The administration sees drone-related services as an important way to support elderly people and to deliver relief goods in disaster areas.  But do elderly people have much time to wait for three years to have a service of drone delivery?

(figure from Youtube: drone delivery for elderly people news)

Please refer drone delivery for elderly people


How can we build better lives for elderly people?

    If elderly people may plant some vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, etc. at home by themselves in a whole year.  Elderly people do not need to drive or walk outside to buy what they need to eat, no matter what the weather is.  It will not only reduce the risk of traffic accidents with elderly people, but also relieve the worry from elderly people’s children work in cities.  The elderly people are not to be shopping refugees at all.


Give your parents a big, best gift=> OPCOM hydroponics products

OPCOM hydroponics products may be satisfied aging society. 

The children may buy OPCOM hydroponics products to be a gift to their parents.

OPCOM Farm provides various hydroponics products, and planting fruits and vegetables in OPCOM hydroponics products without any soil.  Therefore, the fruits and the vegetables from OPCOM Farm are clean, safety and harmless.  You also plant fruits and vegetables to the OPCOM hydroponics products by yourself, and you can obtain not only many plants but also fun from DIY the OPCOM hydroponics products.

With OPCOM Farm, we strive to deliver a stronger local food system that produces healthier plants, saves money and conserves precious resources.


    It is important that GrowPods has automatically control temperature cooling / heating with built-in air conditioning, elderly people may plant fruits and vegetables any time, no matter what the weather is.

(figure from OPCOM)


    GrowPods are multi-function hydroponics growing environment systems designed for any plants indoor farming all year round.  It includes 4 layers of DFT & NFT hydroponics solutions (GrowBox2 stack) for vegetables, vine growing with the GrowTank and flower growing with the GrowWall2. All products can be controlled by OPCOM Smart Box, a smart multi-function control system which can synchronize every single unit. Precise Air conditioning can automatically create cool/hot environments for plants to grow.  

(figure from OPCOM)


    High-intensity LED lights create simulated sunlight with full color spectrum that helps plants thrive and ensures the most efficient growth.  OPCOM Smart Box features an automated system that manages lighting and water circulation, making growing a breeze.


(figure from OPCOM)


GrowPods can flexibly assemble the OPCOM Farm full line products to grow a variety of vegetables at the same time to enrich your kitchen.

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