Are you washing your fruit and vegetables all wrong? 


Correctly washing fruits and vegetables before eating is very important.

Most people may think that the risk of food poisoning from fruits and vegetables is very low. Dr. Andrew Wadge, chief scientist of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), said that soil may carry harmful bacteria. Although food producers wash fruits and vegetables cleanly by their cleaning SOP, their cleaning equipment and their cleaning system, but the risk of food poisoning may not be completely cleared.  Such as an E. coli outbreak was in European a few years ago.

Reference E. coli outbreak CNN NEWS


Where is E. coli of fruits and vegetables from?

Scientists said that vegetables such as spinach or salads remained a likely cause because of animal manure used as fertilizer.  If people wash and peel salad and fruit before eating it, they may avoid the risk of food poisoning and E. coli residual being on fruits and vegetables.  


Do we really have to wash fruit and vegetables?

  • If fruits and vegetables come from soil, YES!!!!!

Washing will help remove bacteria, including E.coli, from the surface of fruit and vegetables.   When you wash vegetables, wash them under a running tap and rub them under water, for example in a bowl of fresh water. Start with the least soiled items first and give each of them a final rinse.  Peeling or cooking fruit and vegetables can also remove bacteria.


  • If fruits and vegetables come from OPCOM, NO!!!!!

OPCOM Farm also has a big characteristic, that is, the planting from OPCOM FARM are “Ready to eat”.  Because the plants from OPCOM planting products grown by hydroponics method.  Therefore, you can hand-made pick / man-made gather or harvest the plants from the OPCOM planting products and eat them immediately!  You don’t need to wash, peel or cook them, because the plants from OPCOM planting products don’t have any bacteria.

OPCOM Farm provides various hydroponics products, and planting fruits and vegetables in OPCOM hydroponics products without any soil.  Therefore, the fruits and the vegetables from OPCOM Farm are clean, safety and harmless.  You also plant fruits and vegetables to the OPCOM hydroponics products by yourself, and you can obtain not only many plants but also fun from DIY the OPCOM hydroponics products.

With OPCOM Farm, we strive to deliver a stronger local food system that produces healthier plants, saves money and conserves precious resources.

    For example, if you want to eat different plants and “ready to eat”, you can use GrowWall2 to plant at home.


The OPCOM Farm GrowWall2 is an all-in-one hydroponics growing system designed for indoor farming all year round. It uses Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). 

The GrowWall2 comes with OPCOM Smart Box, a smart multi-function control system which can synchronize every single unit.  High-intensity LED lights create sunlight stimulating full color spectrum that helps plants thrive and ensures the most efficient growth. The OPCOM Smart Box features an automated system that manages lighting and water circulation, making growing a breeze. It is ideal for many environments such as homes, offices, restaurants, classrooms and hospitals.

Expandable side-by-side system design to allow linking, making a great green wall for professional hydroponics or commercial green wall purposes.

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