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OPCOM indoor hydroponic system in flower shop

Cooperative Purpose

OPCOM dedicates to create a better life and environmental afforestation by the indoor garden. Begin from the partnership with the flower shop to provide with an environment with beauty and clean air.
OPCOM Grow Frame and Grow Wall2(Bio-Air Refresher) can absorb trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and xylene and convert to oxygen and negative ion. The clean air will flow and cycle through air conditions indoors.
Designed 2” pot and can process the bundle sales with the flower shop.
Beautify the Environment
Indoor garden can decorate your indoor space and release your pressure and relax your body and spirit.
Competitive Cost
General speaking, the indoor garden system is expensive and complicated.
The core technique of OPCOM is based on developing LED light over twenty years and we provide with the easy set up and affordable price to meet the need of DIY home garden.

Cooperation-Flower Shop

Bio-Air Refresher
The products are designed to convert the bad air to clean air, and then, the fan will enhance the air flow and the fresh air also can be full of all the room through the air condition in your houses.
Bad air: Trichloroethylene, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, and Xylene
Clean Air: Oxygen and Negative Ion



Absorb Formaldehyde

Absorb Trichloroethylene

Absorb Xylene

Absorb Carbon Monoxide

Absorb Carbon Dioxide & Formaldehyde


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