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What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. Although plants need light, water, carbon dioxide and oxygen to grow, they do not necessarily require soil—only the vitamins and minerals that soil provides.

Hydroponic plants are grown in an inert medium and fed a balanced, pH-adjusted nutrient solution. The nutrient solution is easily adjusted so that the plants receive just the right amount of food, in the most efficient way.

The Advantages of Growing Hydroponically

Hydroponic growing has various advantages over traditional soil. With the ability to control the plant’s environment by adjusting the nutrients, pH and lighting you can successfully grow in areas normally impossible.

Growing in water eliminates the need for heavy pesticide use because most pests live in the soil, essentially making our food cleaner.

Plants are able to uptake their food with very little effort, as opposed to using soil where their roots reach for nutrients and extract them. Instead, the energy is better spent on vegetative growth and fruit and flower production—resulting in higher yields.

What can you grow?

Fruits & Veggies
Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
Boston Lettuce
Swiss Chard
Mustard Greens
Bok Choy
Cherry Tomatoes
Chili Peppers
Lemon Balm

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know how to garden to use a GrowBox or GrowWall?
Not at all! Farming the OPCOM way does not require gardening experience. While it is useful to gain an understanding of how plants grow and what makes them thrive, previous soil-based gardening experience is not necessary. Everyone can grow in their own indoor environment; follow the instructions and check on your water weekly.

Where should I put my unit?
They can be placed anywhere indoors, in a variety of environments – not only in the kitchen or dining room, but also in a hobby room or even spare bedroom.

GrowBox should be on a sturdy surface that can support 70+ pounds. The important thing to remember is to maintain a stable indoor temperature; because of this a garage is not a good option. Note also that GrowWall leans against a wall, and to preview tipover accidents, it must be secured to the wall.

How much space do they take up?
GrowBox has a footprint of 41*28 inches with height starting at 23 inches. GrowWall has a footprint of 58*12 inches, with a height of 75 inches.

What type of hydroponic system are these products?
GrowBox is a Deep Water Culture system, while GrowWall is an Ebb and Flow system, also known as Flood and Drain.

What is the wattage of the light bulbs?
GrowBox: 4 bulbs at 18 Watts each; GrowWall: 5 tubes of 30 Watts each.

Can I use the units in commercial environments?
Absolutely. The systems provide a living, breathing ambience to restaurants and any commercial kitchen or cafeteria such as in offices and hotels. It can serve as a community garden in a condo building. We also highly recommend the products for educational environments.

How much water is required to fill the unit?
Up to max 4.2 gallons for GrowBox, and 7.9 gallons for GrowWall.

Bringing hydroponics into the home is easier said than done. Growing where people live introduces all new constraints to food production, making temperature and sanitation for example, more difficult to control. As such, OPCOM has specially designed many different customizable growing solutions to accommodate different plant sizes and utilities. Tackling food production head on, we offer the Garden(O2 Garden, Grow Dome Garden, Grow Frame Garden, Grow Wall Garden) with a standard pot, lettuce through GrowBox and GrowBox 2, Strawberries in the GrowWall2, and Tomato, Cucumber in the GrowTank. In order to make home hydroponics is possible and viable for families, OPCOM provides the following 8 solutions:
1.Sun Light Simulated Grow Light
2.Easy Seedling & Nursery Solution
3.Photo Catalysis
4.Anti-Insect Solution
5.Winter Solution
6.Expandable Solution
7.Cloud Farm Solution
8.Maximum applications

Sunlight Simulated Grow Light
1.Sun Light simulated full spectrum growth light to meet best efficiency for plant growth
2.Smart control differentiates Young Plant, Growth stage or Succulent mode, Reading mode automatically
3.Bulb, Tube lighting with heat sink and power design from 18W to 630W; full range to accommodate any kind of plant growth.

OPCOM new products provide a Photocatalysis-coat to stop algae from growing in the machine, which can keep the water pipes clean and help plants grow better.

Cloud Farm
1.OPCOM Link cable connects each OPCOM to an OPCOM Link port. With built-in temperature and humidity sensing as well as a camera, hooked up to the OPCOM Link box through the internet with the iOS and Android mobile App, you can easily monitor and control your growth from anywhere.

2.Intuitive App software, mirroring the control box keypad. Easily gets real time video via Hi-Res 32X PTZ camera. Remotely control your growth without accessing the container and reduce your labor needs and human interference.

3.OPCOM Cloud:
   a.OPCOM Cloud with PC based web solution for professional control.
   b.The OPCOM Container provides 5GB memory space for free in the OPCOM cloud.
   c.Optional OPCOM cloud box with 4TB memory for customer own cloud storage.
   e.The OPCOM Wave Camera can deliver specific microwave energy to each plant growing 20% faster.
   f.All in one PC based touch screen to control status.

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