Easy Seedling & Nursery Solution

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Easy Seedling & Nursery Solution

OPCOM Patented design making seedling and growing much easier:
a. OPCOM Farm Patented Grow Sponge: Seeds ready in sponge, simply add water in the seedling tray to start the germination.
b. Pod Stick: Patented Seeds with ID stick easy to pick up what you want to put it the tray and grow as well as identify each seed based on the label, which includes the grow date for growing record and management. Every stick packs with multiple seeds to ensure best sprout rate.
OPCOM’s seeds are all non GMO, 2017 we have developed 30 different kind of seeds. More to come for your choices.

2.Young Plant grow:
Mass production Nursery Cube for young plant growth with maximum 3990pcs capacity

3.Indoor Garden:
OPCOM farm designed filter bag for 2-4 in. flower pots, optional transfer pot can be used to resize 5” and 6” pot into 4” water tray.
Customer can also buy succulents or flowers from a retail store and put them in the OPCOM Table Garden, Frame Garden,

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