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O2 Garden

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O2 Garden
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O2 Garden
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● A desktop lamp with a 5” flower pot planting box for gardening, size  18.9(L) x 5.5(W) x 17.7(H) inch/ 48(L) x 14(W) x 45(H) cm.
● Can turn 355° horizontally and tilt 180° up and down, automatically switch between light for reading and light for the plants.
● Acts as a fresh air generating system, with the circulation fan exchanging the CO₂ with the newly generated O₂ and negative ions from the plants.
● A micro landscape garden design, pots sizing from 1” to 5” with succulent, herb, and flower can fit in, or just directly plant moss and flower in planting box, creating the garden of your dreams.
● Full-spectrum stimulation of sunlight for the plants, with 4 ways of dimmable light (Blue+White, UV, Red, and IR) to precisely meet any special needs of the plants at certain parts of their life cycle.
● Directly controlled by the buttons on the device itself.
● Can be set to automatically turn on in the morning.
● Optional hydroponics kit: teaching you how to grow lettuce.
● Heartwarming light designed with plants to bring you energy and joy, and can serves as a phototherapy treatment to ease your depression.


































































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