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About OPCOM®Farm

Since 1993, we have specialized in the manufacturing, development, and distribution of LED Lighting.  By 2014, we introduced our advanced hydroponics systems with patented technologies that help people achieve smart, healthy and simple lifestyle.

At OPCOM Farm, we stress utmost importance on providing hydrophobic products of premium quality to enhance your indoor gardening experience by leveraging over 25 years of LED lighting expertise. Therefore, we constantly strive to develop innovative products with the highest standard.

OPCOM Farm was designed to create products that enable everyone, from seniors and urban dwellers, to foodies and families to enjoy delicious, pesticide-free sustainably grown produce.  With our global expert engineering team and vertical integration production line, we want to ensure that our dynamic team is always moving forward, researching, and seeking to provide you with only the best.

Grow with OPCOM®Farm

GrowBox-Hydroponics,hydroponic grow system,Grow Any Plant Clean & Safe
Provide your family with delicious, clean food, grown in your home, year-round. No pesticides, no pollutions.

User Friendly
Our hydroponic systems are more convenient than growing outdoors. With no weeding or traditional watering, they take the physical toll out of gardening.

Fully Equipped
Both systems include seeds, pH management solution and nutrients - everything you need to start growing immediately.

Advanced Technology
All models feature an energy-efficient Auto-Cycle that controls lights and water circulation. Once planted, the growing process is automated.

Interior Plants help improve air quality and lower background noise.

Why OPCOM®Farm

Bringing hydroponics into the home is easier said than done. Growing where people live introduces all new constraints to food production, making temperature and sanitation for example, more difficult to control. As such, OPCOM Farm has specially designed many customizable growing solutions to accommodate different plant sizes and utilities. In order to make home hydroponics is possible and viable for families, OPCOM Farm provides the following 8 solutions:

Sun Light Simulated Grow Light Easy Seedling & Nursery Solution Anti-Insect Solution Winter Solution
Photocatalysis Expandable Solution Cloud Farm Solution Maximum Applications

Bio-Air Refresher & Oxygen Bar

Bio-Air Refresher & Oxygen Bar
Bio-Air Refresher & Oxygen Bar
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