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Cloud Farm Solution

1.OPCOM Link cable connects each OPCOM Farm to an OPCOM Link port. With built-in temperature and humidity sensing as well as a camera, hooked up to the OPCOM Link box through the internet with the iOS and Android mobile App, you can easily monitor and control your growth from anywhere.
2.Intuitive App software, mirroring the control box keypad. Easily gets real time video via Hi-Res 32X PTZ camera. Remotely control your growth without accessing the container and reduce your labor needs and human interference.
3.OPCOM Farm Cloud:
   a.OPCOM Farm Cloud with PC based web solution for professional control.
   b.The OPCOM Farm Container provides 5GB memory space for free in the OPCOM Farm cloud.
   c.Optional OPCOM Farm cloud box with 4TB memory for customer own cloud storage.
   d.The OPCOM Wave Camera can deliver specific microwave energy to each plant growing 20% faster.
   e.All in one PC based touch screen to control status.

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